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Founder Bernard Dean-Armstrong explains the health and well-being benefits of practising 'Slow Yoga' for Seniors.  Highlighting the experience and skills Slow Yoga UK offers, currently working with over 130 care homes and  35 DBS fully qualified Slow Yoga teachers.

About Slow YOGA

Slow Yoga is a means to well-being for seniors

The session is done in chairs and consists of gentle breathing and stretching exercises to help stimulate:- movement in muscles, stiff joints, co-ordination and circulation.


Enhance Your Wellness

Yoga is a great way to stimulate the mind as well as the body. Slow Yoga will help your body relax while stretching, strengthening and lengthening the muscles, opening up stiff joints and increasing the blood circulation. Stimulating the immune system and metabolism. 


Calm Your Mind

Yoga not only helps improve your body, but also helps with mindfulness and meditation. It is important to take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself and get clarity. Focusing on your breath during practice, is key to staying in tune with your mind, body and spirit.   


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